Race Report – Lucas Oil at Indianapolis Raceway Park

Aug 12, 2023

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Hailie Deegan – No. 13 Ford Performance F-150


Richmond Race Information

Started: 25th

Stage 1: 18th

Stage 2: 18th

Finished: 15th

Laps: 249/250

Laps Led: 0

Status: Running

Driver Points: 19th

Owner Points: 22nd

Conner Jones – No. 66 TSport Truck Ford F-150


Richmond Race Information

Started: 24th

Stage 1: 30th

Stage 2: 19th

Finished: 20th

Laps: 248/250

Laps Led: 0

Status: Running

Matt Crafton – No. 88 Menards/Ideal Door Ford F-150


Richmond Race Information 

Started: 8th

Stage 1: 5th

Stage 2: 7th

Finished: 7th

Laps: 250/250

Laps Led: 0

Status: Running

Driver Points: 10th

Owner Points: 11th

Reseeded Driver Points: 10th

Reseeded Owner Points: 11th



“The first and second run we were pretty good and then I just got a terrible brake vibration and it made me so loose in that I couldn’t charge the corner anymore. That was our strong suit early and that last half of the race I couldn’t charge the corner at all. I got really free in and then I had my head firmly in my butt on one of the restarts. We picked the outside and I was in first gear when I was supposed to be in second gear and just about the time I cleaned the tires up before the restart zone they took off and I went from sixth to eighth. I really messed up on that one. I take all of that on the chin right there, but I wouldn’t want to be a crew chief with all the long green flag runs and when to pit and when not to pit, and then if you come down pit road too early and get two or three laps down, you’re caught with your pants down at that point and it makes for a long night. We were just at that point where we had to try to race the 2. In hindsight, maybe we should have came just a few laps earlier. That’s easy to say now and then we might have leapfrogged the 2 and the 25, but I’m really looking forward to the rest of the races. We go to a lot of racetracks where you actually have to use two feet and not just run around all wide-open. This 88 has been pretty good when we have some fall off.”

Ty Majeski – No. 98 Road Ranger Ford F-150


Richmond Race Information

Started: 1st

Stage 1: 1st

Stage 2: 1st

Finished: 2nd

Laps: 250/250

Laps Led: 168

Status: Running

Driver Points: 2nd

Owner Points: 2nd

Reseeded Driver Points: 6th

Reseeded Owner Points: 6th



“I had a dominant truck, obviously. You have trucks like this and it hurts not to win with them. A couple of mistakes cost us – the speeding penalty. We were still probably gonna win the race and, boy, I didn’t think they’d get there by pitting like that with 40 to go. I thought at the time that Joe made the right call. Our truck was so much faster than everybody else. Hindsight is always 20/20, obviously maybe should have pitted, but without that speeding penalty we win it staying out, too. I’m disappointed. We’ve got to clean up the mistakes and be better, but the good news is we have fast trucks heading into the playoffs.”

Ben Rhodes – No. 99 Kubota Tractor Corporation Ford F-150


Richmond Race Information 

Started: 4th

Stage 1: 2nd

Stage 2: 2nd

Finished: 12rg

Laps: 249/250

Laps Led: 9

Status: Running

Driver Points: 4th

Owner Points: 4th

Reseeded Driver Points: 4th

Reseeded Owner Points: 4th



“I had that commitment line violation and I think I slid my right-rear tire over the orange box and that will do it. That will ruin a race. It happened. I didn’t think I clipped it. I thought i was close, but I didn’t think I clipped it, but, sure enough, I did. At the end of the race I heard we had really good speed, enough to compete for the win so that’s unfortunate. They were trying to save and keep me out there to save laps for the end on newer tires and I think the strategy could have worked had I not made that mistake. I don’t know. You have to go back and do the math on lap times. It’s just unfortunate because it was a good truck and a good run and if that didn’t happen, there could have been a chance we could have gotten third in the regular season, which would have helped immensely with some bonus points going into the playoffs.”

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